Parking Garage at 1320 Fannin

In Downtown Houston at Clay between Main & Fannin
• Entrances on Fannin & Clay •

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Life Time Members

Workout at Life Time

Enjoy Monthly Parking at GreenStreet for $110/mo

As an inaugural member of Life Time GreenStreet, we are offering you an opportunity to park at GreenStreet all day.

The GreenStreet Garage is an ideal location for those who work Downtown. You can get your workout in before or after your day, or during the lunch hour, and not have to worry about moving your car from one garage or lot to another, especially when the temperature heats up or a storm approaches.

When you park with us, you’ll receive a monthly rate of $110, compared to our standard rate of $125.


Use Promo Code “LifeTime” 

Follow these easy steps to enable the discount when you use promo code “LifeTime.”

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